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Check out Iowa State University's Extension and Outreach department for a full list of recipes and other resources to help you manage your food budget and healthy eating.


Here are just a few of our favorites!

Explore more recipes and product information by clicking here for USDA's Food and Nutrition Service website.

Healthy Eating

Sell By

  • Put on food products to assist stores.

  • This product can no longer be displayed in store past this date.

  • Says nothing about the product being Safe or Unsafe to eat. 

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Best If Used By

  • Informs customer when a product is at peak quality for consuming.

  • Nothing to do with a product being safe or unsafe to consume. 

Use By

  • Informs the customer of the products last day at peak quality. 

  • This is not a safety warning on most food products.

  • In the case of Baby Formula, this date should be taken as a safety warning. 

Expiration Date

  • The date the manufacturer deems this product can no longer be guaranteed safe or fresh. 

Is Your Food Expired?

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Check out Iowa State University's Extension and Outreach department for information on how to plan your next meals. Learn more about menu planning, dive into shopping tools, utilize their food expenses tracking worksheet, and explore what you spend using their grocery budget calculator. 

Stretch your dollar with these helpful tips:

  1. Make a grocery list.

  2. Eat before you shop.

  3. Read the sales flyer.

  4. Use coupons.

  5. Look up and down for savings.

  6. Check for store brands.

  7. Grab from the back.

  8. Ask for a rain check if a sale item runs out.

  9. Compare unit prices.

  10. Join your store’s loyalty program.

Stretch Your Budget
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