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Agency Highlight | CII Apartments Pantry

The CII Apartments Food Pantry has been around in various forms since 2013 when

Sue Hartwell took over the program. Before 2013, the food pantry operated every month with a very limited amount of food to be given out each month.

Sue began fundraising and growing the program in the hopes to purchase more food for her residents, eventually evolving the pantry to be held once a week. Thanks to the efforts of Sue, Tony Drake, the staff of the Cll Apartments, and the maintenance crew of the CII Apartment food pantries have been able to expand their services.

“Without the owners, resident volunteers, and Tony’s crew, the pantry would not be a

success and I would not be able to assist as many residents and community members as I do,” Sue said of the people she works with. The pantry is only open to the residents of the Cll Apartments that require additional assistance, operating every 4th Wednesday of each month with additional days offered if necessary.

The CII food pantry works jointly with the Food Bank of Siouxland and the TEFAP program to provide meals to the residents of the Oakleaf apartment complexes. The Food Bank of Siouxland appreciates all the hard work and dedication that goes into providing consistent assistance through pantry programs.

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